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Akatsuki OC: Herutso-Kakaru by homesweethomicide13 Akatsuki OC: Herutso-Kakaru by homesweethomicide13
Alright. First of all-
THIS IS NOT AN MPREG CHILD. He's a GENETICALLY MODIFIED CLONE of Hidan and Kakuzu. Meaning they took Kakuzu's DNA and FUSED IT with Hidan's, and this child was the result.
So piss off with your hate comments about how men can't have children. THEY DIDN'T. READ THE FUCKING BIO.

Asaito-Omairikagai Herutso-Kakaru

Name: Asaito-Omairikagai Herutso-Kakaru
Age: 11
Sex: Male
Hair: Chin-length, spiky and unruly, dark brown with white fringe
Eyes: Left: Red with green iris. Right: Violet.
Headband: Waterfall (Takigakure) and San (Sangakure)
Colour Headband: Black, and red
Rank: S-Class
Element Affinity: Lightning
Trademark Jutsu: Jashin's Curse
Distinguishing Features: Mismatched eyes, stitches.
Chakra Types(s): Lightning, Fire, Wind
Ninja Profession: Rogue Ninja
Genin Age: 6 - THIS IS POSSIBLE. Itachi was a Genin at 7.
Chuunin Age: 9
Jounin Age: 11
Clan: Asaito Clan and Omairikagai Clan
Known Family: "Father" Asaito Kakuzu, "father" Omairikagai Hidan
Team Mates:
Sensei: Asaito Kakuzu, Omairikagai Hidan, Inuzuka Kiba, Uchiha Itachi
Zodiac Sign: Libra (13 October)
Weapon of Choice: Saishi (Ritual) A four-bladed double edge scythe with retractable pikes at either end.

At age 11, Herutso-Kakaru stands at about 5ft2 and weighs around 83lbs. He has chin-length dark brown hair; however the fringe is pure snowy white. His eyes are very mismatched the left has a completely green iris and no pupil, and the sclera is crimson. His right eye, however, has the normal white sclera, a violet iris and a cat-like pupil. There is a vertical stitch beneath his right eye, and stitches either side of his mouth. He wears a black hooded jacket with 3/4 sleeves and red lining. It is decorated with Akatsuki clouds. Beneath this, he wears a red shirt with a black Jashin symbol on the front. He has dark blue 3/4 pants and black shoes with white Akatsuki coverings. He has one headband on his head it is black, and of the Waterfall. His other headband, red in colour, is of the San, and located around his right thigh. He also wears a Jashin rosary around his neck, similar to Hidan's.

Herutso-Kakaru is very much like both of his "fathers". He has a love of money like Kakuzu, but he is also very devout to Jashin, like Hidan. He is sarcastic and cocky at the best of times, and has an answer for everything you throw at him. He is normally calm and not easily angered, a trait he has picked up from Kakuzu, however if you insult his religion, he gets even angrier than Hidan. He doesn't rush into battles like his Jashinist father, but calmly calculates his opponent before deciding on the best way to go about the battle. He is very sadistic and an obvious masochist, and very cruel at times. He can easily switch between moods in a second, which makes him appear bipolar and also incredibly creepy.

Herutso-Kakaru's main weapon is Saishi, his four-bladed, double-edged scythe. It was a present from Hidan after Pein declared that the boy had skill that matched an elite Jounin. The four blades, two at either end, can be infused with his Lightning chakra, and there are retractable pikes hidden at each end. He usually uses it as a device to obtain his opponent's blood, like Hidan, but he has also shown immense skill using it as a close-combat weapon. He has the ability to spin it above his head in a vicious, deadly circle, and coupled with his chakra, he can create a lightning-edged tornado that can most likely kill a Jounin with one hit. Unlike Hidan, he does not throw his scythe around unless it is needed, mainly because he does not keep Saishi on a long wire like Hidan does. Of course, he has the ability to detach his hand from his arm, so he can attack from a distance and still keep firm control of the weapon.

He has also acquired Kakuzu's technique of being able to use many types of jutsu at once. Unlike Kakuzu, he does not have stitched masks on his back that contain the jutsu, but instead keeps the power within him. He does, however, have stitches all over his body, and he likes to detach body parts whilst in the middle of his Jashin's Curse technique. He gains pleasure by watching an opponent's arm simply drop off. He hasn't mastered all five natures of jutsu, but Kakuzu is still teaching him.

His taijutsu skills are extremely powerful due to fierce training with Kiba and Akamaru, and he is far above average. His genjutsu training is handled by Itachi, and is still ongoing, but so far he is already well on his way to mastering that, too.

His name means "Heart of Money." When Herutso-Kakaru was "born", Hidan and Kakuzu argued constantly over his name. Kakuzu wanted to name him Kakaru, after his love of money, and Hidan wanted to name him Herutso, because he was born with two hearts instead of one. Eventually Deidara suggested that they join the two names together, so that they both get what they want. Kakuzu originally wanted to go with Kakaru-Herutso, so that his name would mean "Money Heart", but Hidan pointed out that he preferred "Heart of Money", Herutso-Kakaru. Kakuzu finally agreed.

When he was only a few years old, Herutso-Kakaru discovered that he could detach his own body parts by simply pulling upon his stitches. Now, he is able to slit them open from the inside with his Lightning chakra. If he detaches his arm whilst in his Jashin's Curse, his opponent's arm will simply drop off.

Unlike Hidan's curse form, Herutso-Kakaru's isn't very skeletal in appearance. His skin darkens to the same colour as Kakuzu's, and his stitches glow silver-white. Instead of a skeletal design, his patterning is more tribal-like. His threads are also silver-white whilst in this form.

He is the only Akatsuki child that Inuzuka-Omairikagai Ikatsui does not push around. He is also rumoured to be the strongest Akatsuki ninja.

Okay, I created the surnames for Hidan and Kakuzu because let's face it, they needed them XD Hidan's can be read as "Evil Worship" or "Worship Evil", and Kakuzu's means, quite simply, "Thread".

Herutso-Kakaru is part of Akatsuki Niban.

Oh, and a note about the pikes at each end of Saishi (the scythe)! They aren't at their full extent in the picture. In fact, both of them can extend to almost the same length as the scythe. :D

Herutso-Kakaru is (c) homesweethomicide13. PLEASE ask before using him in anything, or whatever. I'm a nice person, so I'll probably always say yes XD But if you don't ask first, I'll hunt you down and stab you with a bent fork ^^ XD


Naruto and its characters are (c) Masashi Kishimoto.

Thanks to :iconiyashii-daken: for the background.
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...his opponent's arm will simply drop off.
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You could, but he might kill you XD
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AwsomeNinjaSkittlez Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011
OMJ hes sooo kawai! ~fangiorl squeal~ since ma love for Hidan and Kakuzu is equeals XD u can imagine this 'child' has doubled love X3 so cute
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Iyashii-Daken Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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homesweethomicide13 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010  Professional Writer
Oh, sorry, I just used a random picture on my computer for the background, didn't know it was yours! =D
Iyashii-Daken Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Jashin will always forgive me! XD
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He's awesome :D
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