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Alright here's the deal

I'm Lauri McAlister. I'm 25. I'm a fabulously homosexual guy. Sorry ladies.
I live in England. No, I do not live in London, nor do I know the Queen. Wait, who am I kidding, of course I do. We play poker every Friday night in Buckingham Palace. She cheats.
Fluent in Sarcasm and Sass. Also I'm disgustingly fabulous and don't you try to believe otherwise.

Actor. Writer. Gamer. Artist. Cosplayer. Dork.

Magic always comes with a price.
Alright, so I've had a few messages now and then about this, and more recently there seems to be an influx of people inquiring about Child of War, so I'm gonna make a quick journal/FAQ post about it so I'm not repeating myself again and again quite so often.

Why can't I read Child of War/what happened to the chapters you had posted here?
If they're not in storage, they're deleted, along with all the accompanying artwork, etc. 

Can I read it elsewhere?
No. I took it down from every other site I had it posted. 

Do you still have it/can you send it to me so I can read it again?
Sorry, no. Even if I still had all the original chapters (which I don't, as I've changed laptops since then), I wouldn't send them out to people. The reason for this will be evident below.

Why was Child of War taken down?
There are actually a couple of reasons for this, but the main reason is because people kept stealing it from here or and then uploading it somewhere else as their own work. Someone even went to the trouble of changing the character names and attempting to claim it as their own original work. I got so fed up of it that I just took it all down - so if you see Child of War anywhere, it's not me and someone has stolen it. Again.
Another reason is simply because I left the fandom and got a little frustrated with people constantly asking after it and pushing me for an update (thankfully very little of this happened here). When you have zero motivation to write something and want to move onto other things, it can be a little irritating when all anyone asks you for is something you consider dead.

Will you ever write the last two chapters?
I doubt it. I'm no longer in the fandom at all and although it's frustrating that I got so close to the end when all muse crashed, I can't see me ever finding the motivation or the time to actually write out the final chapters. It sucks, but that's just how it is.

Will you tell me how it was supposed to end?
Despite the doubt that I'll ever write the final chapters, I also don't want to give away the ending in bullet-point or summary form. A lot of it had a lot of detail that tied up various parts of the story and it just wouldn't have the right feel or atmosphere if I just gave a brief summary on the ending. I'm afraid you'll just have to keep on wondering.

Is there any chance you'll ever post it up again somewhere?
No. Sorry, but it's dead. Time to move on.


It's been five years since CoW was a thing. Five years. I think it's time to put it completely to rest, guys. Any further messages I receive about it will be directed to this post, but hopefully people see this first and have their questions answered.
I do just want to add a final message, though:
Thank you for reading and enjoying something I created, I'm thrilled there are still people who loved it so much they want to read it again. Even though the fandom and the story are well behind me, I'm glad I was able to create something that was apparently well-loved enough to still be an interest five years down the line. Thanks for the continued support, and I'm just sorry I never got to finish it for you all.

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